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Wellness Initiative

Town of Southwick - Health Fair

As Trustees of the best health insurance programs in the Commonwealth, we provide the highest possible level of Health Insurance benefits at the lowest consistent price to over 11,000 people. The Trust has successfully kept its rate lower than most other municipal plans and actively promotes prevention, wellness, and early detection to its Member Units. The Wellness Initiative strives to reduce the risk factors leading to an unhealthy lifestyle while increasing protective factors which allow our subscribers to live their healthiest life.

Wellness at Work

Have you wondered what wellness at work looks like? Click here to see a partial list of our activities. If you do not have a wellness team at your work site, be the change!

Contact Michele Komosa for more information on how you can start a wellness team at your work site.

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness Benefits

Click on your desired link below to print out your form.

"A HEALTHY ME" - taking our culture of health to the next level.

If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact (888) 617-0696 for phone support.

*Primary subscribers, spouses and dependents are able to access this secure portal through Blue Cross Blue Shield. "A HEALTHY ME" offers members:

  • the opportunity to take a health assessment
  • the ability to locate a health center
  • the ability to learn about drugs, herbs and suppliments
  • the opportunity to learn about nutrition facts
  • the convenience of healthy recipes
  • the opporunity to learn about conditions and treatments
  • the ability to discover healthy lifestyle tips
  • the ease of locating a doctor

*Primary subscribers can take "A HEALTHY ME" one step further! Every July 1st the Wellness Initiative kicks off the "A HEALTHY ME" Campaign. The "Campaign" allow primary subscribers to earn points by engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors and choices. When a primary subscriber has earned 100 points, they will earn a $100.00 gift card. Gift cards are awarded at the end of the "Campaign".

Click here to create your account at "A Healthy Me".

"Thank you to the Hampshire County Group Insurance Trust for running the HEALTHY ME campaign. The health activities in the campaign dovetail nicely with the health issues my personal physician recommends I address to maintain an active lifestyle. The best part was not just impressing my primary care physician with my knowledge of healthy eating & exercise, but getting a $100 gift card to boot! I'll take a prescription for cash over meds any day"

Russ Kaubris, Business Manager

Franklin County Technical School

Spring and Fall Challenges

Our Spring and Fall Challenges are open to any employee of our member units. You do not need to be a subscriber to participate; however, you must be the *primary subscriber to win gift cards and/or prizes.

Not sure what our units are? Want to register? Please click here to register. Once registered you will be involved in all future challenges until you unsubscribe.

Our Spring Challenge is the "Purpose Challenge"

April 20th through May 24th.

The "Purpose Challenge" provides a mix of education and thoughtful activities to help participants live purposefully, for the benefit ofo their emotional, psychological and physical well being. Of course, as always, there is the physical activity component as well.

*gift cards can only be awarded to primary subscribers of BCBS MA through the HCGIT

Winter Bulletin Board Materials

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